Your key to the most comfortable, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly home your money can buy.

Thinking about building or renovating a home? Have you thought about how you want to insulate it?  The truth is that most homeowners overlook the importance of a properly insulated structure. You have some important choices to make, and those choices will greatly impact your comfort, energy usage, and annual costs for years to come. 

Spray foam insulation, and more specifically closed cell spray foam, is simply put, the best insulation available today.  Closed cell spray foam clearly provides the greatest R-value when compared to other insulating products, but there are many other benefits that are equally amazing. 

By insulating the building envelope with closed cell foam a homeowner can expect:

  • A more comfortable home for your family
  • A significant reduction in energy costs--an average of 40% per year
  • A technology that has won EPA awards for environmental friendliness
  • A complete sealing of the home resulting in no drafts
  • An improved air quality with far less pollution and odor emanating from outside
  • A significant reduction in outside noise pollution
  • An insulating barrier that will never settle, shrink, or sag for the life of the home
  • An insulation that will inhibit bacteria, mold and mildew growth
  • A structure that is measurably stronger in the face of wind shear

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